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[Enter Narrator in a Vorlon encounter suit]
Narrator: And now, the same award-winning cast that brought you CS212: The Musical...
[Enter The Phantom of the Opera in a trench coat and a broad-brimmed hat. While he does not look menacing at all, his shadow is made to look incredibly evil.]
Phantom: Softly, gently, lambdas will surround me...”
[Exit Phantom]
Narrator: Presents...
CS Major's Treasure Island
Blatantly plagiarized from The Muppet's Treasure Island, which was blatantly plagiarized from Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island
[As names are read, players in costume enter and exit stage]
The Phantom of the Opera
Professor Morrisett
The Old Pirate
Jim Hawkins
Hunter Rawlings' Nephew
The Holy Red Pen
The Holy Red Pen
As...Kate, where are you? You're on. [brief pause; exit Narrator]
Narrator offstage: Kate, stop reading User Friendly and get on...wait, is that Torg? What's he doing on UF? And what's Dilbert up to today?
[Awkward pause, then Narrator comes running onto stage with Kate in costume right behind him]
Captain Kate Janeway-Smollett
First Mate Samantha Arrow
A Pirate

Jim (offstage): A pirate? What about Miss Piggy?
Narrator: Sorry, but we are NOT going there. There will be no Miss Piggy in this movie. Connie--I mean Samantha--I mean Ms. Arrow--would kill me.
Jim: Then is she Long John Silver? That's about all that's left.
Narrator: No, we have someone extra special to play Long John Silver.
Gonzo (also offstage): Tim Curry?
Random person (offstage): Val Kilmer?
Narrator: No, no. No one like that.
Jim: Then who?
Narrator: Sephalie.
Everyone: SEPHALIE?
Narrator: Yes, Sephalie. We ran out of people to give parts to.
Jim: What about Beth and Melissa?
Narrator: As bio majors, they have extra-special parts in this CS majors' play.
Gonzo: Aren't you going to tell us who they will be playing?
Narrator: It's a surprise and you'll figure it out soon enough anyway. Now be quiet so we can start our story.
Jim: Hey, who's playing the Narrator? And why are you in an encounter suit?
Narrator: Because everyone would recognize me. Now please be quiet so we can begin. A-hem. Our story begins in a consulting office somewhere in Upson...

[Enter Jim, Gonzo, and The Old Pirate, discussing something]
Jim: Wow, really?
Pirate: Yes, it's true. A IIE, with a 5” floppy drive outside of the machine.
Gonzo: I heard that there used to be pirates back then.
Pirate: There sure were. People would take computer games and copy them to floppy disks and then sell them for less than the company price. People who didn't have much money would buy the illegal copies. These software pirates would choose a handle and then put “Craked by” and their handle on all of their disks.
Jim: Were you a pirate?
Pirate: Yes, my handle was the Cookie Monster. I craked Moon Patrol. It's so funny. Kids these days get rushes from copying illegal MP3's and displaying them on their Cornell Web pages. Why, that's mere child's play compared to what we did!
Jim: Actually, most children don't know how to copy MP3's...
Gonzo: Yeah, Ring around the Rosy is child's play, copying MP3's... [Narrator smacks both of them from behind.] Hey, ow!
Pirate: You boys have always been good to me and the evil pirates are coming for me tonight. That's okay, because I'm going to die before they get here. Anyway, we don't have enough characters (or one-liners) to go through that entire scene, so here's a treasure map. [Hands Jim a piece of paper, both sides of which are covered by 0's and 1's.]
Jim: A treasure map? What's it for?
Pirate: Somewhere on the Internet is a copy of the code for Apple Panic. You guys probably never heard of that game; it was before your time. However, it was an incredibly fun game. If someone could find that code and do a remake of the game like they did for Frogger, they could make tons of money and build a huge computer corporation based on the profits from Apple Panic and eventually buy out Microsoft-
Hunter Rawlings' Nephew, from offstage: Hey! I object to that comment!
Pirate: Anyway, anyone who finds this could be rich--just look at what they did to Zork. People like Sue Bowlin would buy a new version of Apple Panic in a heartbeat. Anyway, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the server containing the Apple Panic code and download it. Oh, and beware the Girl Who Likes Mashed Potatoes...
Gonzo: Hey, aren't you supposed to die now?
Pirate: I would, but a girl named Beth told me I wasn't allowed to die here.
Gonzo: Oh, okay.
[Exit Jim, Gonzo, and the Old Pirate]

Narrator: We'll resume the story as our heroes, Jim and Gonzo, approach Hunter Rawlings' house to talk with his rich nephew, Hunter Rawlings' Nephew.
[Enter Jim, Gonzo, and HRN]
Jim: Um, Hunter Rawlings' Nephew, Sir, can you help us? We have a treasure map and want to find Apple Panic. We need a computer lab with a huge staff of web surfers and programmers to find it, but we don't have any money to hire them with.
Hunter Rawlings' Nephew: See if I can help you, I will. [whispers something to a pen in his hand, listens a second, nods, and then looks up at Jim and Gonzo]. Sorry I am. Introduce you I did not. Holy Red Pen, this is. Truth it leads people to. Come with me [turns and leads them into Hunter Rawlings' house]
Jim and Gonzo, simultaneously: Um...okay.
[Jim and Gonzo look at each other. Gonzo whistles “cuckoo” and Jim makes circles around his ear with his finger. They go inside and sit at a table.]
HRN: [listens some more to pen] Join the search, I will. The Holy Red Pen wishes it. Fund your search, I will, with money allocated for renovating Mann Library. Not necessary, the renovation is. Anyway, accompany you in surfing, I will.
Jim and Gonzo, simultaneously: So, in other words, surf's up? [Two marshmallows fly down from a balcony and hit Jim and Gonzo]
HRN, after listening to pen: Says no more puns for you, the Holy Red Pen does. When once down the dark path you start, forever will it dominate your destiny.
*cool fade-out effect*

Narrator: The CS majors have taken over the CSUG lab and a team of web surfers/programmers has been assembled. The chief programmer and her assistant have yet to arrive. Meanwhile, a sinister figures sidles up to our young heroes...
[Enter Jim, Gonzo, Long John Silver, and team of web surfers]
Long John Silver: Hi, my AOL screen name is Long John Silver. The John, of course, stands for Johnny. I just thought I'd tell you since it led to such interesting problems during the performance of YMCA last year. Anyway, I've been hired as chief Nutrient Procurer. Whenever you guys become nutrient deficient or at least once every 24 hours, I'm supposed to order out for food. I'll see if I can't get some mashed potatoes and gravy for tonight. Hey, have you heard what we're looking for? I heard someone say that it was some sort of game.
Jim: I don't know anything about that.
LJS: I didn't expect that you would. Oh no!
Gonzo: What?
LJS: I forgot to ask for extra tomatoes on the pizzas I ordered...I think I'll go check and see if they can't change the order. [she wanders off in the direction of the telephone].
Jim: Hey, Gonzo, she likes mashed potatoes!
Gonzo: Doesn't everyone? I'm sure it doesn't mean anything--
[Enter The Phantom along with cool lighting effects]
Phantom: Softly, Gently...
[A group of the surfers evict the Phantom, who screams something about revenge, and turn on a stereo, which is playing the Venga Boys. After that finishes, it plays Take on Me. A scream is heard from the Balcony, followed by a maniacal laugh.
Mariott: NOOOOOOO!
Hilton: Ha, ha! Perfect timing--we have an Orgo prelim tomorrow! It will be stuck in your head for a week!
Mariott: Not if I can help it! [Jumps up, brandishes a 3-foot crossbow and shoots the stereo repeatedly until it quits playing A-Ha.] Take that, A-Ha!
Hilton: Whoa, Mariott shot the stereo.
Mariott: No one's going to get that joke. It's a reference to a country music song by Mark Chesnutt called Bubba Shot the Jukebox.
Hilton: I know. I like all kinds of music. I really like Andrew Lloyd Weber, though. I wish the guy in the black trench coat would come back and sing some more.
Mariott: Maybe he will. Anyway, we should let the engineers get back to what they're doing. Everyone's looking at us funny.
Hilton, noticing audience staring at her for first time: We LOVE you!
[Enter the Chief programmer, Captain Kate Janeway-Smollett, and her assistant, First Mate Samantha Arrow]
Cap'n Kate: I AM stopping.
Ms. Arrow: No you're not, you're lying.
Hilton: Oi vey.
Jim (to Ms. Arrow): Hey, you're not a CS major.
Ms. Arrow: I know. Someone has to keep all of you in line.
Web surfers/Programmers: Insert sketchy conversation here.
[Captain Kate turns bright red and pulls Hunter Rawlings' Nephew, Jim, Gonzo, and Ms. Arrow into a nearby consulting office. A unicorn hangs from the ceiling but goes unnoticed.]
Cap'n Kate: Who hired this programming crew!?!
[All eyes turn to HRN, who points to the pen in his hand]
Cap'n Kate: The man who lives in the pen hired the crew?
HRN: No, silly that is. Hired the crew, the Pen did.
Cap'n Kate, to Jim and Gonzo: In light of the personages currently inhabiting the CSUG lab, will you give the treasure map to me?
Jim and Gonzo: No, we won't.
Ms. Arrow: Why not?
Jim and Gonzo: Because we're men, and therefore we're stupid.
Ms. Arrow: Well, I guess I can't argue with that. Let's go ahead and start them surfing. We'll give each of them a piece of the code on the treasure map and see if they can reconstruct the entire thing and find Apple Panic.
Mariott: Wait a minute, why don't they give everyone the entire code on the map?
Hilton: But then the evil programmers would have the entire thing and they would be able to find the game.
Mariott: So why can't Jim and Gonzo and Captain Janeway-Smollett find it now with the map?
Hilton: Stop asking questions. The author needs a plot device to make possession of the map important but still find a way to give the programmers enough information so they can find the server with Apple Panic on it. Stop nit picking.
Mariott: Okay. Sorry. Sheesh.
Narrator: A-HEM. Anyway, surfing and programming commences in the CSUG lab.
[Jim and Gonzo presently take a break to mess with the ICQ code...]
Jim: Hey, Gonzo, look! I found a way to make myself invisible in this chat room!
Gonzo: Cool, show me how!
Narrator: While Peter and Gilbert--I mean, Jim and Gonzo--are in the chat room invisible, the Nutrient Procurer Long John Silver and Carson, an EVIL (insert devil horns here) software pirate and many of the programmers in the lab enter the chat room and discuss their nefarious plot to obtain Apple Panic for themselves and leave the good guys' computers running a code containing an infinitely recursive loop. Jim and Gonzo send an e-mail to Captain Kate and carbon copy it to Hunter Rawlings' nephew and Ms. Arrow telling them what they overheard. The Captain promptly excuses herself and tries to get out of Upson, but finds that every door is locked and that the keys do not work in the locks any longer.
Cap'n Kate: As if they ever worked!
Narrator: She quickly returns to the lab and pretends that she does not know what is happening. She and Ms. Arrow force Jim and Gonzo to give the map to them, because they are women, and while many women are stupid, some are not.
[Exeunt; Narrator remains.]

Narrator: Several hours after Kate discovers that they are locked in Upson, Carson kidnaps Jim and Gonzo.
[Enter Carson, Morgan and other pirates with Jim and Gonzo, tied up.]
Carson: Bwahahaha! I will torture you until you give me the map! Morgan, take their shoes off-we will tickle them to death!
Jim: No! Anything but that! Gonzo, can you reach your hat?
Gonzo: No, why?
Jim in a loud stage whisper: The Secret Weapon!
Gonzo: What secret weapon?
Jim, exasperated: Turning your hat sideways, stupid!
Gonzo: Oh, yeah. No, I can't reach my hat. Too bad, that would make them fall down in agony.
Narrator: The EVIL Carson commences tickling Jim and Gonzo, who beg for mercy but will not reveal the location of the map, since they don't know where Captain Kate put it.
[Enter First Mate Samantha Arrow]
Jim and Gonzo: Save us, Ms. Arrow!
Narrator: Ms. Arrow acts quickly; she runs over to our heroes and helps Carson to tickle them. Captain Kate [enter Captain Kate] runs into the room and helps Carson and Ms. Arrow tickle Jim and Gonzo. Sephalie--I mean, Long John Silver, comes in, offers everyone some mashed potatoes, and joins in...
[Enter a green parrot]
Huey: Melissa, Danger Birdy says Enuf!
Long John Silver: Danger Birdy, would you like some mashed potatoes?
Danger Birdy: Oh, yes, thank you very much. Snarf-gulp. Keep up the good work, everyone.
[Exit Danger Birdy, randomly biting people on the way out.]
Narrator: Where were we? Oh, yes, after Long John Silver joined in the tickling of Jim and Gonzo, Mariott and Hilton came down from the balcony and helped Carson tickle our two young heroes. Eventually, even Hunter Rawlings' Nephew and the Holy Red Pen joined in. During the melee, Carson and Long John Silver pull Ms. Arrow aside.
Long John Silver: Ms. Arrow, there's a phone call for you.
Ms. Arrow: Okay, I'll take it in the consulting office upstairs.
Narrator: Little did Ms. Arrow know that the voice on the other end of the phone was a bio major who had never used a computer before but needed to type a 25-page lamb trial paper replete with graphs and tables by tomorrow. The evil programmers had paid him to call the consulting office. They locked the door behind Ms. Arrow, making sure she would not return to the CSUG lab for quite some time.

Narrator: Soon after the evil programmers had disposed of Ms. Arrow, one of them discovered the server Apple Panic was rumored to exist on.
Programmer: Server, ho! Here, I'll ICQ you all the server's address. Wait a minute, this sounds familiar. C-O-R-M, no, wait, N-E-L-L-dot-E-D-U. Hmm, where have I heard that before?
Sephalie: You idiot, that's the Cornell web server upstairs! Say, Captain Kate, I have a delivery waiting for us. Why don't I take some of the programmers up to get the order and check on the server upstairs? You guys can try to access it from here.
Cap'n Kate: Okay, that sounds like a good idea. Take whomever you want.
Sephalie: Thanks, Captain. [Chooses some programmers and then approaches Jim and Gonzo] Jim, Gonzo, do you want to come with us?
Jim: No, thanks, we'll stay here.
Carson: But there's a MONKEY up there with a WEASEL.
Gonzo: WEA-SEL!
Sephalie: Come on, then. [exit Jim, Gonzo, Sephalie, Carson and some other programmers]
Hunter Rawlings' Nephew, aside to Captain Kate: Taken Jim and Gonzo, they have. Go after them, we must. But first training you must complete. On hand you must stand, while balancing a copy of Windows 2000 on your foot. When crash you do not, ready you are.
Captain Kate: No, finish my training I can not--darn, you even have me doing it--I can't finish my training. I must go after them now. Come on. We'll leave the rest of the CS212 core staff here to make sure that the evil programmers don't take over the CSUG lab.

Narrator: As Captain Kate and Hunter Rawlings' Nephew and the Holy Red Pen go after the evil programmers, Sephalie attempts to persuade Jim and Gonzo to join them in the room where the main server is.
Sephalie: We are not just programmers, we are pirates! We take things like CD's, videos, and computer programs and make illegal copies of them and then sell them for money. The money we will make from selling Apple Panic legally will allow us to finance a huge pirating organization. Won't you join us?
Jim: No!
Sephalie: Well, I'll have to randomly sing a song to try to convince you. Come on, boys, this is my only number. Make sure no one upstages me! [Pirates begin singing "When you're a Pirate"]
[Lights go off, a thud is heard, and someone screams. A spotlight illuminates a staircase on the stage where the Phantom stands. The Phantom begins to sing to the Phantom of the Opera Techno Mix.]
Sephalie: Get him, boys!
[The lights go out and the sounds of a scuffle are heard.]
Phantom: You'll pay for this! No one ruins one of my songs and gets away with it!
[The lights turn back on and the Phantom is gone; one of the evil programmers hangs from the ceiling, dead.]
Narrator: Meanwhile, Captain Kate and Hunter Rawlings' Nephew had reached the door to the room where the main server--and the pirates--were.
[Enter Cap'n Kate and HRN, who are quickly apprehended by the pirates]
Sephalie: Kate, give us the treasure map (and STOP scratching) or we'll defenestrate you!
Kate: Never! If you kill me, you still have the rest of the CS212 core staff to deal with down in the UG lab! Check your e-mail--they will e-mail you to tell you that they have taken over the lab and have locked the programmers in the consulting office!
Sephalie, checking e-mail: Oh, yes, I got that e-mail.
Kate: Ha!
Sephalie: I also got an e-mail stating that my pirates got out and locked the rest of the CS212 core staff in the consulting office--and that's the last e-mail. It looks like you're out of aces. Prepare to die, earth scum!
Kate: I will never tell you where the treasure map is!
Sephalie [Grabs the Holy Red Pen and dangles it out the window]: Fine. [to HRN] Tell me where the map is or the pen gets it.
HRN: Nooo! On the table over there, the map is. Defenestrate the pen, do not!
Sephalie, chuckling evilly and tossing the pen out the window: Defenestrate them. Let's look for the treasure. [HRN runs to the window screaming and jumps out after the pen; the programmers throw Kate out of the window and begin to work on the server.]

*Cut to the top story of Upson, where Kate and HRN (clutching the Holy Red Pen) cling to the ivy entwining the building for dear life*
Kate: Help, help! I don't think I can hold on much longer!
HRN: Hold on many hours, I can, with my grip.
[Suddenly, Mariott and Hilton swing down from the balcony on long ropes with marshmallow crossbows strapped to their backs]
Hilton: We'll save you! Look, Mariott, here's a net to catch them in. Hmm, the box says some assembly required.
Mariott: Come on, we can put this together before they fall to their deaths. Hey, look, a Great-Crested Oriental Moonbird! [Wanders off to look at the bird.]
Hilton: That's a chicken that's been painted purple with orange feathers attached to its head--but it's on a farm. I wonder what kind of silage storage they have? Oh, wait, Mariott, come back here. We have to put this together.
Mariott: Oh, yeah. Let's do it.
[A few minutes elapse as the two bio majors attempt to put together the net.]
Hilton: Darn it, Mariott, we're bio majors, not engineers!
Mariott: Do you want to save them or not? Now shut up and pass me my Leatherman!
[Hilton and Mariott work feverishly to put the net together, which they manage to accomplish just as Kate and Hunter Rawlings' Nephew lose their grip and fall. Hilton and Mariott then climb back up to the balcony to watch the rest of the movie, bragging about their huge engineering feat as they go.]
Kate: Come on, we have to take back the CSUG lab from the evil programmers. Only then can we storm the Cornell server room, evict the evil pirates, and find Apple Panic.
HRN: Coming, I am.
Kate: Do you know how annoying that is?
HRN: Yes.
Kate: Don't turn into a Vorlon on me now; Yoda was bad enough. Come on!

Narrator: After defenestrating Kate and the Holy Red Pen, the evil programmers searched the Cornell server for Apple Panic. After several hours, one of the programmers approached Sephalie.
Programmer 1 (Tech 1!): Long John Silver, we've searched the entire server, and it's not here. Carson found a deleted file a few minutes ago that might have been it.
LJS: It must be on that computer over there. Go check. [evil programmers go over to check; Sephalie unties Jim and Gonzo and pushes them toward the door]: Save yourself, boys, these programmers are about to turn on me. [Jim and Gonzo leave.]
Programmer 1: It's not here! Somebody has already taken it! [Programmers turn menacingly toward Long John Silver.] We did all of this for nothing?!?
Carson: That's it! We have to give Long John Silver the black spot of engineering!
Programmers: Yes, yes, give her the black spot of engineering!
[Programmer 1 approaches LJS with a piece of paper on which is drawn a large black exclamation point.]
LJS: The black spot? You dare to give me the black spot? And written on a page of CS212 notes, no less! You are cursed forever!
Programmer 1: No, sir, don't curse us! Please don't curse us!
LJS: Then will you follow me? We can still obtain Apple Panic! We just have to find out who took it! It's probably Captain Kate and her band of do-gooders! They'll have to come up here to update the file...we'll be ready for them! E-mail our people in the CSUG lab and get them all up here and tell them to bring stuff to fight with--newspapers, marshmallows, foam swords, etc. You can kill everyone except Kate--she's mine!

Narrator: On the way to the CSUG lab, Kate and Hunter Rawlings' Nephew hear a knocking sound coming from a door. They open it and discover a furious Samantha Arrow.
[Enter Kate, HRN and Ms. Arrow]
Kate: Sam, what are you doing here?
Ms. Arrow: Those evil programmers locked me in here and made me give tech support to some bio major!
Kate: Wow, what happened?
Ms. Arrow: I got so mad I called up a Chihuahua I know and sent him over to the bio major's house...I heard him knock and then the telephone went dead. I started knocking on this door, and you came along and let me out.
Kate: The programmers have taken over the UG lab...we need to find a way to take it back. [Enter Jim and Gonzo with CS212 core staff from the UG lab.] Jim, Gonzo! Are you all right?
Jim: Yes, we're fine. We went to the UG lab and the evil programmers had all gone up to the main server room, so we let the rest of the core staff out and started looking for you.
Kate: Great. Come on, we have to get up to the room with the main server...

[Enter everyone but The Phantom, Mariott and Hilton]
Narrator: The good guys stormed into the main server room and began to fight with the evil programmers. Because most of what happens next is visual, I will narrate for you. First, Jim and Gonzo get into a flame war with several of the programmers on the CS212 newsgroup. Captain Kate attempts to fight her way over to Long John Silver with a foam sword. Captain Kate is a wonderful swordsperson and is doing all kinds of flips and flying kicks and so forth. Ms. Arrow wraps some telephone cords around some programmer's throats and begins to pull. Hunter Rawlings' Nephew tries to stand apart, but is engaged by a programmer with a foam sword. He covers his eyes and fights with the Holy Red Pen, miraculously knocking the evil programmer out with the serendipitous help of some other members of the CS212 core staff.
Jim and Gonzo, simultaneously: Hey, it's true! The pen IS mightier than the sword!
[Everyone including the Narrator takes time out to smack the two of them.]
Narrator: Finally, it comes down to Kate and Long John Silver.
[Kate does two very impressive front flips and begins to display excellent swordsmanship, cutting off various pieces of Long John Silver's elaborately tailored outfit. Long John Silver looks terrified.]
Long John Silver: Where did you learn to fight like that?
Kate: LJ taught me.
[Suddenly, the sword flies out of Kate's hand.]
Kate: Gulp. Um, ha-ha; my skin was dry, so I had to put Vaseline on; my hands are greasy and slippery, ha-ha.
Long John Silver, chuckling evilly and putting her sword to Kate's throat: Now I have you!
Jim: I'll save you, Kate!
Carson: I'll save you, Long John Silver!
Gonzo: I'll save you, Jim!
Mariott and Hilton, swinging down from the balcony and brandishing marshmallow crossbows: We'll save you all!
[A visually complicated scene follows, where every good guy and every bad guy end up with their swords/bows/newspapers at each other's throats and no one holds any advantage.]
Kate: Oh, great, mutually assured destruction. And no one can save any of us! What will we do now?
[Enter Phantom]
Phantom: Hah! I told you that you would regret messing up my songs, Long John Silver! The good guys like my singing...
Ms. Arrow (to Hilton): Remind me to thank you when we get out of this...
Phantom: So now, Long John Silver, you and your pirates surrender to Kate or I will kill you all with my magic lasso!
Long John Silver: Okay, here you go [hands sword to Kate]. Before you kill me, though, I have a question. Where is Apple Panic?
Kate: You don't have it? I thought you found it when you searched the server...
Long John Silver: Someone had already taken it.
Phantom, to Hilton: What are they talking about?
Hilton: Some old game that was on the server.
Phantom: Oh, that? I found that years ago. I made it into a marketable game. I just need someone with money to back me.
HRN: A deal you have, if a full partnership with all of us you mean.
Phantom: Everyone but the pirates.
HRN: Of course.
Kate: What shall we do with the pirates?
Ms. Arrow: How about making them do tech support for our company?
Kate: Perfect!
Narrator: And thus our story ends. Captain Kate, Ms. Arrow, Hunter Rawlings' Nephew, the Phantom, Jim and Gonzo founded a company based on the money they made from selling a new version of Apple Panic. The company became incredibly successful and bought out Microsoft and Netscape and even AOL and Ebay. The evil programmers were forced to take tech support calls from stupid people for the rest of their lives. Mariott and Hilton decided to switch majors, and, with scholarships from the Apple Panic company, both got CS degrees. Mariott became the head programmer for the company and Hilton designed and maintained the company's web site. And everyone (except of course the evil pirates) lived happily ever after.
The end.
[exit all but Narrator. Narrator looks around and takes off the head of his encounter suit (which is accompanied by glowing lights). It is the Artist Formerly Known as Prince. Hilton walks out in a gorgeous dress and beckons to him. He looks around and walks offstage with her.]