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Eli Barzilay: I first met Eli when I consulted for CS212 the first time. Eli is best known for his incredibly strong opinions and his sometimes imposing appearance. He is a PhD student from Israel. Eli and I have often engaged in some of the most aggressive flame-wars over Microsoft.

Dan Bauer: The first person I met at Cornell, Dan and I have been neighbors and now roommates since freshman year. Dan is a biometry and statistics major, but he is best known for his incredible talent as a musician.

Connie Blair: An incredibly sharp person with wonderfully strong opinions. Connie, also a founding member of dinner crew, is one of the few people that consistently knows how to make me laugh.  She is among the rare group of non-computer science majors in the dinner crew -- she is a chemical engineer. I am so happy that she now has a web page.

Carson Bloomberg: One of the first people I met at Cornell. We both shared the same advisor in the geological sciences department. Later, she was part of the founding members of dinner crew. Carson is one of those people that will always be remembered for her exotic costumes, and of course for wearing green!

Matthew Braverman: After first meeting Matt when he took CS212 while I was a TA, we later met again at Microsoft.  Matt is best remembered for, and often reminded of, pushing me out of a white water raft.  I don't recall exactly what happened, except to say I had a lot of fun on that trip.

Walter Chang: I first met Walter when he was a student for CS212. He earned his name for writing some of the most extravagant poetry, songs, and musicals. Since then I recruited Walter to the CS212 course staff, and only then did I learn just how weird Walter is.

Brian Comerford: I have also known Brian since freshman year, and he too has been my neighbor and now roommate since then. He also is a computer science major.

Jeff Derstadt: I met Jeff when I took CS314 and then I saw him in class every once and a while.  I then met him again when interning at Microsoft during Summer 2000.  Jeff's just a really cool person!

Aleksey Kliger: A super-intelligent computer science student. Aleksey was also a consultant when I joined the CS212 course staff. He later switched to being a TA for the infamous compilers course.

Nadine Latief: A very smart and talented person, who could always be found in the computer lab while a student at Cornell. Nadine and I went on a number of adventures to parks around Ithaca during senior year. I owe all my knowledge of Java to Nadine, even if she denies this fact.

Jed Liu: Another super-intelligent person, Jed has been my partner in many computer science courses including the much feared CS314 and the much loathed CS412. Jed was the only person able to get me to use ICQ, and he later became a member of dinner crew.

Greg Morrisett: The first computer science professor I had and certainly the best. Greg has been an inspiration and a great mentor. I have thoroughly enjoyed working for him on course staff, as well as taking CS490 under him. Unfortunately, his web page no longer features the cows.

Alan Nawoj:  Alan's another person who worked at Microsoft.  We know each other through a number of organizations such as Engineering Ambassadors.

Kate Oliver:  One of the inspirational founders of dinner crew. We have shared courses ever since taking the famed CS212 freshman year. She is remembered for talking at super-human speeds, and of course she worries a lot.

Kori Oliver:  Sister to Kate Oliver, Kori had an immediate in to the dinner crew.  She reminds me a lot of what being a freshman in college was like.

Emmanuel Schanzer: Emmanuel also was a student in CS212 when I consulted for the course the first time. He has a strangely arcane knowledge of TI-BASIC, but is better remembered for the odd parties organized in Risley Hall and the Cornell Orchards.

Beth Schaub: Although her web page doesn't say much about herself, Beth is the most cheerful person I have ever met. Beth is another one of those rare non-computer science major. Instead, she is majoring in animal science. Someday she will be a great veterinarian.

Jeff Vinocur: A very disturbed person, in a good way. Jeff joined the CS212 course staff at the same time I did. While he is strangely interested in medical school, Jeff is a top notch computer science student who like peanut-butter sandwiches.

Grant Wang (currently without a web page): Grant has been in many of my computer science classes and also joined the CS212 course staff at the same time I did. He was in my group for the infamous compilers course and later continued on in my group when we did research with Andrew Myers.